Vocational education for field foresters

Concept of teaching Curricula Teaching aids development Infrastructure and equipment

Approval of the relevant concept: KIRFOR_2001b_VE_E

  • The 3-year courses with receipt on graduation of the general education certificate and professional education certificate. ;
  • The module-based professional training cycle ;
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Development of the relevant curricula and training programmes Preparation of the teaching aids Both the local authors and the Swiss experts are involved in development of the relevant teaching aids within the framework of the experimental training courses. There have been developed the total of 12 modules (6 modules for foresters and 6 modules for carpenters/joiners). The teaching aids are published both in the Kyrgyz and Russian languages. The developed teaching aids, which were used in the training process in the two pilot vocational schools (## 12 and 20), have been corrected and amended taking into account the remarks and comments made by the teachers and masters, as well as by the students of the relevant vocational schools.