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Viloyat Mirzoeva,
4 October 2012

History of their establishment as of 2005
MoU between UNIFEM (UN Women), National
Committee on Family and Women
Re-orientation for social protection issues
The Government activities aimed at
sustainability of the DTFs (1-st stage-Sughd
oblast; 2-nd stage - Khatlon oblast and 8
Database, joint activities with Ombudsman

Only in 2011more than 12 000 people
received legal advice and consultation in
existing DTFs in the whole Republic (more
than 80% of them are women);
During the first quarter of 2012, 5 572
people were served and 4 809 of them are

Presentation of Hissar experience in NewYork,
Stories published at HQ site:;;

Review of the DTFs in Khatlon oblast and 8
DRDs made by a local expert;
Center of Excellence in Hissar;
Handing over to the National Committee of
Family and Women

Being a state funded center, DTFs are still in
need of:
 Trainings of innovative and developed
support and assistance to the population;
 Capacity building in terms of knowledge and
understanding of the legal norms and
procedures in line with the requirements and
existing international norms and standards;
 Support in capacity development and
technical assistance from outside

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