Programme Support Unit

Since the beginning in 1995, the KIRFOR programme has been steered by the Project Support Unit (PSU). The PSU has been dealing with all the issues related to the programme management and its well functioning: including project cycle, external support and partnerships, conceptual, technical and logistic support and financial management. The scheme shows how the PSU was functioning during the time the 3 offices were open

An overview of the various aspects of programme management is given in the scheme below.


The PSU leaded the participatory approach implemented during the whole duration of KIRFOR. Its 3 offices represented the vital organs of a wide spread working network all over 3 main regions of the country.

Staff A relative staff stability over the 15 years ensured continuity of the action and project memory for a better final knowledge management and “capitalization of experiences” proposed to the public in the present web site and other published materials.