Forest Higher Education

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After some initial studies and analysis in 1996 – 1997, the development of the support strategy went its way and resulted in the establishment of a working group with wide representation.
On November 23, 1999, a Chair of Silviculture has been established in the Agrarian Faculty of the Kyrgyz Agrarian Academy with the support of the KIRFOR project. At that time, the Chair was educating specialists in “Forestry and Landscape Construction” profession.
It should be noted that this Chair was established in Bishkek on purpose. It was expected that highly qualified specialists of the forestry sector and other natural sciences disciplines as well as representatives of other sector stakeholders could contribute to the training process (see figure). At first, all the students were trained on a contract basis. KIRFOR main support was rendered to improvement of training infrastructure, elaboration of teaching aids and organization of practical training for the students in the field. Certain support was given to further training of the Chair’s teachers. Observing such support from an international project, Ministry of Education in 2002 provides the Chair of Education with 5 scholarships on the speciality of “forest engineer”, in 2003 it was already 7 scholarships, and in 2004 – 10. That could be interpreted as a raise of forest engineer profession statute and reputation of Agrarian University in general. International cooperation of the Chair of Silviculture was not limited to material support only. A lot of specialists, consultants and trainees who arrived to Kyrgyzstan within KIRFOR project form Switzerland, Germany and France read lectures and conduct practical trainings for the students

The scheme of higher education support process

Table of graduations

Specialists graduated the Chair of Silviculture of KAU

Year Internal By correspondence Bachelor
2001 18    
2002 9    
2003 24 11  
2004 8 8  
2005 16 4  
2006 14 15  
2007 14 11  
2008 18 5  
2009 11 15 9
Total 132 69 9

Nowadays the graduates from the Chair of Silviculture work in different organizations, on different positions all over the country. They work in the Forest Institute, in the Department for Forest Ecosystem Development, in the Department for Forest Inventory and Management Planning, in different Leskhozes and in the Chair of Silviculture of the KAU.