Forest Education

To ensure high quality forestry staff in the future, the education contents and approaches should be adapted to the changes happening in the Kyrgyz forestry sector. This adaptation required efforts to bring the involved actors together to take position on the steps to go through. In 1999 a new chair of silviculture was created in the Kyrgyz Agrarian Academy (KAA), renamed afterwards Kyrgyz Agrarian University. This new created facility allowed a closer collaboration between education instances and forestry national administration. In 2001, under the lead of the School for Architecture, Civil and Wood Engineering (SACWE) of Bern University for Applied Sciences support to vocational education in forestry and timber processing started. Acting at different levels of the education system, synergies and linkages were better used to close existing gaps and consolidate an overall approach of forest education. A wide programme of capacity building, in and outside the education institutions, complemented the approach and worked as diffusion channel.