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Social Support to Alysh remote high mountain village of the Inner Tien-Shan (Kyrgyzstan) Project

Executive agency: Institute of Equal Rights and Opportunities (IERO, Kyrgyz-Russian (Slavic) University, 2002

The aim: To help socially unprotected inhabitants of mountain village of Alysh in recreation and further development of communal economy and raise of inhabitants’ living standards.

The objectives:

  1. To make researches and analysis of the specific reasons of the socio-economic decline(depression) in selected village
  2. To reveal the group of potential leaders able to head the self-help movement (Stakeholder)
  3. To conduct a series of trainings on new kinds of economic activities in the village
  4. To conduct diagnostics of the health state of village inhabitants including free of charge stomatological help
  5. To create and officially register the Public Credit Union
  6. To assist the most enterprising inhabitants in receiving of the starting capital – the microcredit for the development of own business
  7. To organize Association of Mutual Help (AMH) for the creation of social mobilization of the villagers atmosphere

The results of the project 

  • Organization of the Stakeholder group in Naryn region of Kyrgyzstan.
  • Database of the potential participants of Stakeholder group
  • Multi-sectoral analysis of the Alysh village stable development premises in 2002. analytical review
  • The training of the professional employees in Stakeholder group for the intensive managing activity
  • The work out of the stable financial mechanisms for the acceleration of economic reforms in the region
  • Methodical handout for trainings on stable development of local territory
  • Methodical recommendations on forming of the Stakeholder group
  • The understanding of sustainable development by the local municipality and its cooperation with civil society
  • The accelerated development of the entrepreneurship in the selected village
  • The increase of the citizens’ activity in the process of political and economical decision making on the local level
  • Summarizing of the experience of Stakeholder group and its spreading over the country

Final report


Karasaeva A. H. , doctor of medical sciences

Institute of Equal Rights and Opportunities, Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University

Address: #42, Chui prospect,

Bishkek, 720065, Kyrgyzstan

Tel: +996 312 680 129

E-mail: akarasai@mail.kg

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